Foxerfly Rules

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Foxerfly Rules

Post by .Autumn. on Tue Sep 20, 2016 2:10 pm

subject to change???

Basic Rules
- You may only adopt up to 4 Foxerflies.
- You may only have 3 nursery batch Foxerflies
- Permanent Artists (PAs) can have 5 adopted Foxerflies and two customs
-Give me and my artists respect toward our decisions.
-Customs will never be open. Wait to adopt one that we make!
-Do not ask to be a guest artist/artist/mod unless the applications are open.
-You may not sell your Foxerfly.
-Get permission to gift away your unwanted Foxerfly. And make sure they go to a very good home! If you are not sure, please ask for your Foxerfly to be re-adopted by me/original artist.
-Let me know of all Foxerfly gift lines. You may create gift lines even if you don't own one.
-Foxerflies are allowed to be a commonly used character, but NOT your Fursona.
-Your Foxerfly can only breed through the nursery. (see link!) NEVER breed it with a character that is not a Foxerfly.
-DO NOT steal the name 'Foxerfly', any Foxerflies owned by other CS users, or the concept. Do not make a character that highly resembles a Foxerfly, and do not make a character that is one.
- Do not complain if you don't win the Foxerfly you applied for. The desision of me or my artists is final, as is their desision to make a runner-up or not. Always respect that! <3

Item Rules
- If requested, the artist can add a persons name to give their Foxerfly items
- The items should relate to their design or charm
- Owners can give 'costumes' for certain events, e.g Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc
- Costumes can have wigs
- Extra fur and line edits are permitted ONLY with my permission and/or the artist's permission
- Changing the wing type of your Foxerfly is ABSOLUTELY not permitted
- some suitable item ideas include;
• scarves
• leg/tail warmers
• socks
• wing accessories
• plush toy companions
• piercings (if it suits the design)
• ribbons

Growth and Breeding Rules
- It is 2 months between each stage of growth
- Foxerflies are adults at 4 months
- It's preferred if you ask the original artist to grow your Foxerfly
- Foxerflies cannot be bred until they have been an adult for a minimum of 1 month
- Foxerflies can only have 1-2 kits
- Foxerflies only breed once (RULE MAY CHANGE)
- This means Foxerflies can have a maximum of 2 kits in their lifetime (RULE MAY CHANGE)
- Kits don't count in your limit of 4; you may have 4 adopts and 3 bred
- If 2 kits are bred, then one MUST go to the owner of the other parent OR adopted/given away
- Same-sex mates can breed normally!

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